Tenley Tiger Run 

The Day it Snowed in April!​
Race Results for the 2nd Annual 
Tenley Tiger Run
Saturday, April 9, 2016

In gratitude to sponsors who generously gave their support to the Wilson Tigers Running Teams,  Varsity runners are ineligible for the 1st, 2nd and 3rd place prizes for the 5K.  We hope that competitive runners enjoy the opportunity to race a Tiger! 

2.5K - Women's Prizes

Place  Name               Bib   Time

1st        Amani Sanogo     401    14:14
2nd      Laura Sanogo       402    14:31

3rd       Karoline Severin  405     15:13

5K - Women's Prizes

Place  Name          Bib   Time

1st        Jill Walter         74    20:56
2nd      Joni Waldron  146   21:13
3rd       Talya Lehrich   67    22:03

5K - Men's Prizes

Place  Name             Bib   Time

​​1st       Charlie Ban        197    17:48
2nd      Max Karp             42    20:37
3rd       Robin Handley  129    20:43        

2.5K - Men's Prizes

Place  Name                      Bib   Time

​​1st       Christopher O'Brien    403   12:18
2nd      Rowan Hopson            423    13:47
3rd       Rob Hobson                 424    13:47