Tenley Tiger Run 

5K Course: 2 Loops - MUST run ACROSS Finish Line on 1st Loop & Cross Finish Line Twice for 5K Time

Crossing the Finish Line in the Fun Run with Wilson Tigers!

CUB RUN: 400 yards

Parents are welcome to run with their Children!  

Wilson Tiger Runners Would Love to Be a Running Buddy!

Tiger Mile
Timed 1 mile race: 14 years and under

  • 01-10
  • 11-14
  • 15-18
  • 19-29
  • 30-39
  • 40-49
  • 50-59
  • 60+

Courtesy of Woodrow Wilson students: Logo - Franklin Webber / Website - Collin Escribano.

Getting Here

The race is easily accessible by Metro or Bus – destination: Tenleytown Metro Station. Walk two blocks to Wilson High School at 3950 Chesapeake St. NW.


Awards will be given in the 5K for top overall finishers and man and woman Age Group winners:

  • ​1st place man and woman
  • 2nd place man and woman
  • 3rd place man and woman​​​​

​Race Courses

5K: The course is a loop: Run twice for a USATF-Certified 5K. The course begins on Chesapeake near Wilson's auditorium entrance.  Runners head west on Chesapeake, then turn right on 41st Street, then right on Davenport, then left on Belt, then left on Harrison to turn left looping back onto 41st, then left on Chesapeake, and right on 40th past Wilson.  Turn left in the turn that occurs just before Albemarle and continue back on 40th past Wilson and turn right on Chesapeake down to a U-turn back to  41st and repeat the loop.  The Finish for all races occurs in front of Woodrow Wilson High School.
Tiger Mile*: For Kids 14 and Under​ *NEW This Year!

Cub Run: Will begin at the Start and be a loop in front of Wilson High School to the Finish.  Parents are welcome to run with their children - and kids can run with a Wilson Track Tiger!​

​​​​​Basic Race Info

Race Date: April 2, 2017

Race Time: 9:00 AM 5K - 10:00 AM Tiger Mile

Cub Run immediately following conclusion of Tiger Mile (approximately 10:30 am)

Location: Wilson High School / Ft. Reno Park / Tenleytown area

Events: 5K (USATF-Certified); Tiger Mile & Fun Run (for children) 

Supports: Woodrow Wilson High School Cross Country, Indoor Track & Outdoor Track

Strollers are allowed: Please use real (3 wheeled) jogging strollers with a wrist strap.  To reduce the chance of injury to participants and children, please line up behind the runners.  

Bib Pick-up & In-Person Registration: Wilson High School

* Thu. March 30th 3:30pm-6:00pm * Sat. April 1 10:00am-2pm * Sun. April 2nd 7:00am-8:45am.   NOTE: FRIDAY PICKUP @ Tenley WHOLE FOODS 5:00pm-6:30pm in Prepared Foods Section.

Race Info

This is the 3rd Annual race of the Tenley Tiger Run bringing together and celebrating the greater community of Tenleytown and surrounding Neighborhoods, and the city-wide friends, family and alums of the Wilson High School community. There is something for everyone on a course in the Tenleytown/Ft. Reno area near to Wilson High School. Run a USATF-Certified 5K, followed by the Tiger Mile Kid's Run (sponsored by Kid's Elite Sports) and the 800m Cub Run for the youngest runners! Look for the Wilson Tiger running buddies running along with you!

The race is organized by the Tiger Track Boosters with support from the Wilson High School PTSO and many generous sponsors.